LAN Speakers


LAN SPEAKERS is a formulation of former Universities and High School Debaters and Public Speakers covering all the national provinces, whose objective is to accelerate the development of debate and public speaking skills through Zimbabwe’s education sector, nurturing the skills to all the citizenry of the Republic, with the intension of cultivating strategic policy making skills, participating individuals in the socio-economic and political strata. With four years of strategic communication and mentoring speaking skills, the team has managed to conglomerate and produce a cadre of critical thinkers and think tanks who have and are still contributing to local and national leadership schemes.  


As a Zimbabwean students’ led speaking community, LAN SPEAKERS has managed to facilitate the acceleration of speaking skills in Zimbabwe, complimenting the mainstream education sector’s effort to produce a self-sustaining, responsible, inquisitive and development oriented young citizen. The student’s background that the team holds, gives them the leverage and the advantage to better understand the needs and expectations of speakers, coaches, adjudicators and patrons.