The Reading Pan-Africa Symposium


The Reading Pan-Africa Symposium (REPS) is an interaction platform for both writers and readers in Zimbabwe who happen to be our key stakeholders. This follows a rich history of literature’s contribution in mapping the contours of the country’s political and socio-economic outlook. Due to that, the REPS seeks to merge various literature production stake-holders in framing sustainability technics for the literary sector in Zimbabwe. On the other hand the platform expresses our use of Pan-Africanism as a philosophical anchor-sheet of our organisation in promoting literature production. The inclusion of Pan-Africanism in our appreciation of Zimbabwe’s literary wealth and its generation further substantiates the role of Pan-Africanism as an intellectual and ideological preference we embrace as a knowledge generating institute. I am optimistic that in the long run REPS will form a series of valuable engagement to the literary sector at the same time creating exchange of ideas that will boost the tired morale of Zimbabwe’s literary industry.


Through this initiative, LAN strives to:


  • To promote interaction between producers (writers, publishers) and consumers of literature
  • Celebrate Zimbabwe’s contemporary literary work.
  • Promote direct review of contemporary literature through public discussions that intertwine general and critical appreciation of texts selected annually for public review.
  • The symposium seeks to market various literature producers and their works. It also gives room for book launches, hence adding value for new actors in the industry.