The Back to Pan-Africanism Conference

This is an annual academic forum aimed at critically review the state of the political-economy and social context of Zimbabwe and the continent at large from a pan-African ideological point of view. The main objectives of this forum since its commencement since 2013 include:


  •  To revisit the historical merits of Pan-Africanism and its contemporary intermediary engagement on issues affecting Africa from the Zimbabwean context.
  • To provide a free social-science dialogue space to tackle issues affecting Africa within the broader scope of Pan-Africanism’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To craft methodological frameworks that will transform Pan-Africanism from being just an idea to a sustainable trajectory towards development and modernity.
  • To provide a mentorship platform for future leaders, the young academics through interaction with prolific social-sciences and humanities academics whose contribution towards knowledge production reflects the position of Pan-Africanism today.


The previous editions of the Back to Pan-Africanism Conference have hosted celebrated Zimbabwean scholars such as: Dr Ibbo Mandaza the Executive Director of SAPES Trust, Prof John Tremble, Of All Africa People’s Revolutionary Party, Prof Anthony Nhamo Mhiripiri, a senior lecturer at Midlands State University and Dr Samukele Hadebe, the Executive director of Public Policy Research Institute of Zimbabwe.  In 2015 the conference’s keynote speakers were:


Prof Wiseman Magwa, the Vice-Chancellor of the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe. Magwa’s educationist par-excellent research occupation has covered extensive ground on language and theatre.


Prof Rudo Gaidzanwa, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Zimbabwe. Her area of academic interest is largely focused on women and youth in policy issues in Southern-Africa.


Dr Majahana Lunga, the Head of Humanities at the Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo Campus. He focuses on women in literature.


Dr James Muzondidya, an Independent research consultant and former Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe. His work centres on nationalist history and development.